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Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore
Singapore’s oldest garden is a great experience for nature lovers and those who want an escape from the hectic city life. The Botanical Gardens are home some of the rarest plant species in the world. They are a lure for locals and visitors alike. What’s better is that the admission is free! If you are travelling with Children who aren’t used to walking, the Singapore Gardens have you covered. There is a water play area, a really fun playground and even a tree house! Some other notable sights include the Library of Botany & Horticulture and the Singapore Herbarium.

Plenty of events take place at the Botanic Gardens, including everyday Rainforest Tours and even Edible and Medicinal Plant Tours. For an even better experience, we advise that you visit the garden after 4 pm.

Pro tip
It is open from 5am to 12 midnight daily so you can easily fit this into any kind of schedule. Bring plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and carry an umbrella as well.


Borobudur Temple Compounds, Indonesia
The Borobudur Temple is a magnificent piece of architecture situated in the Kedu Plain of Central Java, Indonesia and is one the greatest structures in the world. The temple took about 80 years to complete. Tourists come here from different parts of the world to visually treat themselves. The minute detail of its construction and its positioning against a backdrop of volcanoes adds to the excitement of the place.

The dry season attracts a good number of tourists but it can be really hot. During the monsoon, it usually rains later in the day so heading out early for your visit is advisable. If you have extra time on your hands, we recommend that you visit Prambanan or Mount Bromo which is located nearby the temple itself.

Pro tip
Try to visit in the early hours of the day to avoid the crowds. If you do not wish to pay for the popular sunrise tour, then we recommend that you try to enter the compounds at 8am, once it is open for walk-ins. Trust us when we say this, the effort is definitely well worth it.

Dragon Garden, Hong Kong
The Dragon Garden is one of the few privately owned parks in Hong Kong and is one of the city’s best-kept secrets. It was structured and designed over 20 long years of defined planning and landscaping. This park includes a Chinese garden with wonderfully elaborate pavilions, stone sculptures, flowing water and high archways. Currently, the garden remains closed to the public, except for monthly open days and private tours. The architecture of the Dragon Garden, symbolizes the unity of man and nature. The animals seen on the four corners of the pavilion are symbols of luck and meant to protect people against evil spirits.

We suggest you to plan trip around mid-October to late December, when temperatures are still mild and Chinese tourists visiting for the week-long national holiday have left.

Pro tip
When in Hong Kong, do remember to keep change, as most shopkeepers do not accept denominations larger than HK $500. Also many restaurants do not accept credit cards.

Georgetown, Malaysia
only keep this Georgetown is considered a surviving testimony of Malaysia’s glorious past. It also reflects the religious and cultural diversity of the place where you can actually see churches and other religious settings situated side-by-side coexisting peacefully.

Apart from the regular tour of Georgetown, you should also stop by the Penang Islamic Museum where you can explore the heritage of Penang's Muslim communities. Simply walking around the place is also recommended. Georgetown is the food capital of Malaysia and you can find multiple places where you can grab a bite to eat.

Pro tip
You can take the bus or taxi to get around. One fascinating mode of transportation is the trishaw, a type of bicycle vehicle, which will cost up to 30 Ringgit per hour. It gets pretty hot so carry plenty of water.

Historic City of Ayutthaya, Thailand
The historic city of Ayutthaya is one of the most remarkable ruined cities in Asia and a must-see for experience seekers and history buffs visiting Thailand. Ayutthaya offers a peaceful and calm atmosphere for everyone who visits. The country's ancient history is well preserved here and both tourists and locals alike come to admire the grandeur and the magnificence of Thailand’s ancient civilizations.

When you reach there, you should not miss out seeing The Buddha Head at Wat Mahata is a must visit. Here you can see quite a few headless Buddha statutes. The freaky thing is that there is one specific Buddha shrine with just the face visible found hidden in the Boddhi trees, with its roots seeking to spread over a wall of slate.

Pro tip
We recommend cycling around the area as the compound itself is quite large. However, while cycling around the city be-careful of motorcyclists. Although the area is relatively safe, do not put any items in your cycle basket due to common thefts occurring. As usual when it comes to any historical site, do not feed the wild animals. They are very hungry and one should not mess with hungry animals. Carry some water and some light snacks.

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